I was heading to Milano. The train was fast and in less than 1 hour I would have reached the city.

I always liked Milano and I have good reasons for that: in Milano I lived an incredible work experience, in Milano I tasted one of the best problem-fixing cappuccino, the (remarkably few ) fashionable items I have in my closet come from Milano and in Milano I got the Visa for coming to India.

India? Right, the eventuality was slowly turning into reality! In less than 1 hours I would have been in Milano but in less than one day I would have been much further! “I bet I’ll have to replace problem-fixing cappuccino with problem-fixing-something else” …still have to figure it out.

The phone was ringing, again.

“Halo Selene?”

“Hello, I am in front of your door and I need to get inside the building to grab the keys from the mailbox, whom should I ring? Do you know any of your neighbors?”

I didn’t know anyone, except the lovely 90 years old lady living next to me ( but I just thought it wasn’t appropriate ). I needed to come up with an idea, something ridiculously effective.

“Can you just ring randomly and tell that it’s me that is living there and I need to get back the keys that are in the mailbox?”

“I’ll try!”

Apparently the “awkward truth”  worked very well as a gentle voice from the intercom let my friend inside the building so that she succeeded in getting into the apartment, take my sunglasses back and even the moka I forgot on the burner!

“I think now we are ready to go. See you tomorrow in Milano.”

I couldn’t believe my sunglasses were actually coming to India with me! I was extremely happy!

The train finally stopped and I jumped out, the beautiful station was upon my head and my suitcase next to me. Vale was waiting at the rail track.

Everything felt just right.




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